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Hi there!


I'm Kyla Lupo, and I know you can finish a triathlon.

And I know you can do it in the body you have right now.

It's OK if you don't believe me, yet, or if you're skeptical.


Schedule your 25-minute discovery session and let me show you that you can and that you will.

(Spoiler Alert! A discovery session is where I get to discover all about you!)



Together, we don't have to wait to be small, to Go Big.

Team Go Big stands for a radical level of body inclusivity.

We support the right of all people to participate in sport no matter who they are.

We respect your pronouns and your journey.

We dismantle diet culture everywhere we can.

We believe Black Lives Matter.

We believe Love is Love.

We actively stand against hate, bigotry, and systemic prejudice.

You are welcome here. You are safe here. You are respected here.

You are loved. Exactly as you are. Right this very moment.