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Team Meeting Recordings


Triathlon Transition

Red Flags of Racing

Transitions and Checklists

How to Write a Race Plan

Know the Rules!

From 10,000 Feet

How to Plan a Race Season

Taper Madness

Yoga or How to Start Something

How to Write a Race Report

How to Create Structure

How to Write a Race Plan - Run

All About Swimming

Have an Awesome Race Day

Race with Team USA

All About Training Peaks

Time Management

What If We Get Sick?

Tri Terminology

Are You Race Day Ready?

What's In Your Swim Bag?

Tips and Tricks for Winter Running

The Athlete's Plate

Race Nutrition

Meal Prep Hacks

What's In Your Bike Bag?

Are You Overreaching?

Foam Rolling with Laura

Running Skills and Drills

Bike Maintenance w/ Shan

Ask Us Anything w Alligator Recap

Ask Us Anything (Wednesday)

Athlete's Plate Deep Dive

Triathlon Transition

Cycling Nitty Gritty

Triathlon Transition

Cycling Form

Swim Form

Triathlon Transition

Enjoy the Holidays

Training Road Blocks

Triathlon Transition

Nutrition AMA

Heart Rate Training

Triathlon Transition

Meal Planning

All About Rankings

Triathlon Transition

Mental Toughness

Open Water Swimming

Triathlon Transition

Red Flags of Racing

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