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The Go Big logo, bright blue and bright pink.
Kyla Lupo, a white female with blue chin length hair and lightning bolt earrings. She is smiling.

Head Coach Kyla Lupo is a USA Triathlon certified coach with a Master's in Education from George Washington University. She brings years of experience in coaching people in a variety of situations, including triathlon.
Kyla is also a US Masters Level 1/2 certified swim coach and a Roadrunners Club of America certified run coach.


As a coach, Kyla believes that anyone can tri in the body they have right now and works with athletes on a personal level to overcome their fear and doubts while getting fit and ready for the start line. Actively advocating for a radical level of body acceptance in sport and society, Kyla started Team Go Big as a place where all bodies would feel welcome and supported.

As an athlete herself, Kyla will represent Team USA in Townsville, Australia in August 2024. Kyla is a nationally ranked Age Group aquathlete. In 2021 Kyla qualified for and competed at the Age Group Sprint National Championships in Milwaukee. She has completed over 70 races across the Multisport spectrum. Is 2023 the year she conquers a marathon? Stay tuned!

Kyla lives in Central Florida on the Atlantic Coast with the Banana Man, hundreds of board games, 4 bikes, and 3 adorable cats.

Get to know Kyla better - schedule a chat with her: 30 Mins with Kyla

Assistant Coach Liz Shaw is is a  USAT Level I Triathlon coach with a Bachelor's degree in Business from Eastern Illinois University.  She found her love of endurance sports when she signed up for her first endurance event (a marathon) back in 2006 and hasn’t looked back since.


One of the main reasons Liz wanted to be a triathlon coach is she wants to share her journey in the world of endurance sports;  share the struggles she had, the feeling like she didn’t fit in, the struggles she had with food, all the victories she has had, and everything in between.  As a coach, Liz believes that athletes come in all shapes and sizes and is here to help you reach your endurance goals.  


Liz is a proud Athena athlete and has completed over 70 endurance events, including a half ironman and the Dopey running challenge at Walt Disney World, where she ran 48.6 miles over four days. 


Liz lives in the Midwest with her husband and two cats.  When she is not training for her latest endurance event, she can be found paddleboarding or snowshoeing (depending on the season) or reading a good book. 

Liz Shaw is sitting on a weight lifting bench, surrounded by kettle bells. She is wearing black workout clothing and has several tattoos. She is smiling.

Get to know Liz better - schedule a chat with her: 30 Mins with Liz

Team Go Big stands for a radical level of body inclusivity.

We support the right of all people to participate in sport no matter who they are.

We respect your pronouns and your journey.

We dismantle diet culture everywhere we can.

We believe Black Lives Matter.

We believe Love is Love.

We actively stand against hate, bigotry, and systemic prejudice.

You are welcome here. You are safe here. You are respected here.

You are loved. Exactly as you are. Right this very moment.

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