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5 people stand in a large body of water. They are wearing wetsuits, swim caps and swim buoys. Their arms are extended open wide, welcoming you in. The words "welcome to the team, We've been waiting for you" are written across the image,

How many of these statements describe you?

  • I’m just starting out in triathlon and I’m looking for an accepting community of folks for support and accountability. 

  • I joined another triathlon team and felt like an outsider.

  • I hired a coach and they didn’t “get” me.

  • I tried to do it all myself and got overwhelmed.

  • I’m worried that I might get injured, or worse, aggravate an old injury.

  • I've done a race before and felt lonely at the start or finish.

I spent a lot of time searching the internet for a team. I hired a coach but they didn’t get me. I followed the wrong kind of plan and injured my knee, which sidelined me for months. I joined a Facebook group just for triathletes only to be made fun of and ostracized and ultimately banned.

I desperately wanted a community that would accept me, that would stand up for accepting others, and that had a coach that really “got” what it was like to be me.

So I started that team. Team Go Big.


  • Spending time with a coach who is focused on you and meets you exactly where you are, right now.

  • Being welcomed into a community and feeling loved, supported, and that you belong from the beginning, exactly as you are.

  • All your questions answered, resources at your fingertips, and fully supported in following your plan with accountability and compassion.

  • Your coach has given you the advice you need to keep yourself healthy and free from injury.

  • Having an amazing race day experience! A place for your friends and family to hang out while you’re racing (and that someone has already scoped out all the great cheer spots on the course!). All you have to do is focus on having a great race day because everything else is taken care of.

the custom plan

$200 per month

  • Weekly group calls with an incredibly supportive and welcoming team who meet you exactly where you are, exactly as you are.

  • Introductory one-on-one call with Kyla to talk about your goals and your current training plan.

  • Videos (starring Coach Kyla, the team, and our fabulous sense of humor) to help you create (or improve) your strong swim, bike, and run form.

  • Even more videos that walk you through how to prepare for your races, including how to best prepare and practice for transition (the fourth sport of triathlon).

  • Access to Coach Kyla’s personal library of race and planning resources crafted and field-tested in actual races.

  • Membership in the members-only Team Go Big! Athletes Facebook group.

  • Race Day Support at team races for you, your friends, and your family.

  • Priority registration for Team Go Big training camps.

  • 1 hour a month with Kyla (divided however you'd like, monthly, bi-weekly or weekly) to make sure everything is going to plan and to get some personal coaching for your specific needs.

  • Premium Training Peaks website membership! 


  • A training plan crafted exactly for you and your goals, adjusted as necessary as you exceed your expectations, or as life gets in the way (it happens to all of us!)

  • Unlimited answers to all your questions via text, email, Facebook Messenger, or carrier pigeon.

What Our Team Members Say

I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated your guidance and inspiration since I joined Team Go Big. I have made incredible strides in my fitness and skills in the last year and a half in ways I honestly didn’t think were possible. I have especially thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you (Coach Kyla) and have the privilege of watching you work your magic as the team leader. You are amazing and an inspiration to so many. 

As a 45-year-old Athena athlete, my struggles are different from a person with a “typical” triathlete physique.  Kyla understands those struggles, physical, mental, and emotional and she works through them with me. She has taught me to have compassion for my body but she has also taught me to push myself harder than I thought I could go.

She has deep comprehension of each person’s individuality.  She’ll spend time with you to craft YOUR plan, to get you to YOUR race.  In the end we are all just racing to be our best selves, and Kyla’s truest gift is in spotting your best self and luring them out.

Core Member

If you're looking for a coach that prioritizes your well being (including mental health), then Kyla is the coach for you. Kyla shows up as her authentic, compassionate, and without judgment self every time she meets with you and provides a safe space for her members.

Custom Member

Custom Member


Which plan is right for me?

the custom plan

  • $200 per month.**

  • ​You have a busy life and need a plan that fits into it.

  • You are coming back from an injury.

  • You are looking for a source you can trust to answer all of your questions.

  • You have routines, workouts and/or classes that you love and want them integrated into a training plan.

  • You already have races on your calendar and they aren't team races.

  • You're looking for triathlon resources. Quality triathlon resources.

  • You are interested in more than triathlon: aquabike, aquathon, duathlon, ultrarunning, marathon swimming, randonneuring, etc...

  • You need a true accountability partner.

  • You want early access to Team Go Big! training camps and to be "part of the party" at team races.

** Here's the thing, you can see that you get a lot from custom coaching with me. And in the first 3 months, I spend a lot of time getting to know you, your life, your preferences, etc... That's why I ask my Custom Plan athletes to commit to a minimum of 3 months.

Kyla, I just don't know if this is for me.

Oh friend, I hear you.

That's why I'm offering you a complimentary 25-minute session with me to see if the team is a good fit for you.
You can schedule that right here: 
We'll have an honest discussion about what's going on in your life, your goals, your needs and whether the team is a good fit for you right now. I'm committed to your success, and if that means that the team isn't right for you, I'll give you everything I can and send you on your way.

Team Go Big stands for a radical level of body inclusivity.

We support the right of all people to participate in sport no matter who they are.

We respect your pronouns and your journey.

We dismantle diet culture everywhere we can.

We believe Black Lives Matter.

We believe Love is Love.

We actively stand against hate, bigotry, and systemic prejudice.

You are welcome here. You are safe here. You are respected here.

You are loved. Exactly as you are. Right this very moment.

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