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7 Days of motivation for your body, brain and heart. For free. Yes, free.

It all starts in April. Sign up now to stay in the loop!

How are your New Year's Resolutions going? It's been a few weeks; are you succeeding? Or did you "mess up" in the first week and decide to give it all up?

What if I told you that with a plan, with reasonable goals and with positive self-talk you could do anything you want?

And what if I told you that if you committed to following that plan for just 7 days, you can be successful?

Join me for the Move. Walk. Run. Go Big! 7 Day Challenge.

We are starting in April!

Click here.

I've "failed" at my New Year's Resolutions more times than I can count.

But, I know now that if there had been a plan and if I had set reasonable goals (and I stopped listening to the negative voices in my head) I would have been successful.

I know because I made a plan.

I know because I started speaking to myself in a positive, loving and supportive way. 

I know because I committed to following the plan and to being kind to myself. And I was successful.

Let me share my plan with you. And let me show you ways to speak kindly to yourself. And let our community of challenge takers hold each other up in our commitments.

It's 7 days. It's 7 small steps. When you have compassion for your body, exactly as it is, right now, you can do anything.

Join me starting in April.

Together we don't have to wait to be small to Go Big.

Let's talk about Run for a second. 

Don't run away just because you see the word run!

You're going to take the first step and move your body.

The next step is to walk. Baby steps if that's what you need.

And then we walk faster, right? But that didn't  really flow with the title!

Maybe Run means more than just your legs?

Maybe Run means get your brain running: thinking about new things, shifting your self-talk to be positive and supportive.

Run means get your heart running: learning to love your body right now, exactly as it is.

And Run does mean to get your body running- but more like an engine; we're just getting her warmed up!

If you're ready to get running already, click here and join the Challenge!

Here's what's in store for you, Challenge Taker!

Each day we have a seperate challenge. The days will build on each other, but all of the challenges are 100% doable! I promise!

Day One: Move
Day Two: Speak (and Move!)

Day Three: Walk

Day Four: Eat (and Walk!)

Day Five: Stretch

Day Six: Drink

Day Seven: Bike or Swim

Every morning you'll get an email with a video from me, a great motivational pep talk and a worksheet to track your success. 

You'll get everything your heart, your brain and your body needs to complete the challenges.

Throughout the challenge I'll have some special afternoon Facebook Lives with experts to give you even more advice, guidance and positive support. And some fun!

There is a private Facebook group just for us challenge takers. We'll cheer each other on and raise each other up.

If you're ready to step up (it's just a little step!) and challenge yourself; your brain, your heart and your body, click here.

I know you can do anything you want with the body you have right now. Let me show you how strong you are!

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