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a triathlon training camp for all bodies, skills, and abilities

three days of fun with some swim/bike/run training mixed in

Long Beach, CA - July 13-16, 2021 - Officially Happening!
(as part of the Aquathlon National Championships and Legacy Triathlon team races)

Central Atlantic Coast Florida (Palm Bay/Orlando, FL) - December 2021
Central Atlantic Coast Florida (Palm Bay/Orlando, FL) - January 2022

Other locations and dates based on interest. Don't see your area listed?
Drop Kyla a line and ask for it!


If you're here it's because you are interested in learning more about this triathlon training camp that's going on. I'm going to lay it all out for you because I believe in transparency.

1. I am a triathlon coach. USAT Level One Certified. I'm also a Level 2 Certifed Masters Swimming Coach. I also have a Masters in Education. I've worked with people as a coach in various ways for my entire life. If you want to know more, you can check me out on LinkedIn or Training Peaks.

2. I have a team. We're all body positive. We all believe that we are stronger together.

3. If you want to join my team, that's awesome. Let's talk. If you have a coach and/or a team and you love them, that's also awesome. Either way, you are welcome at this training camp. We're gathering to learn skills, have fun, and get stronger. Those are the most important things.

4. This camp is definitely aimed towards newer triathletes. If you've never done a triathlon, if you're nervous about doing your next one, if you've never had the experience of learning some basic skills, this camp is for you!

If you're a veteran looking to polish the basics, you'll have fun. If you're training for a 140.6, ​you've got 50 sprints already under your hydration belt, and you're looking to shave those extra minutes off your run, this might not be the camp for you. If you've got any questions, let's talk about it.

Get on my calendar for a quick chat (  or send me an email at

Now that that's clear, let's talk about what we're going to do over these three days!

Each day we'll highlight one of our sports: swim, bike and run.

Every day, we'll have the following

  • Stretches that are sport-specific for warming up and recovery

  • If you choose it: video analysis of your form with suggestions for drills to improve (if needed)

  • Transition practice

  • Lunch, snacks, and drinks will be provided and available ALL day long (this is part of your fee)

  • Group dinners (pay your own way)

  • Gear swap! (bring all the stuff you don't need anymore and take home some new-to-you stuff!)

  • Plenty of time to socialize and make new friends

There will also be two interactive discussion sessions: Practical Race Preparation and Mental Race Preparation. These may very well be your favorite part of the training camp - learning skills from your fellow triathletes who have made mistakes so you don't have to.

I've arranged for a fabulous massage therapist to be available for sessions. She also does cupping, if that's something you love, or would like to try. There will also be an MFR Therapist available. You can schedule these appointments directly; contact information will be available.

If you only want to come to one or two of the days (maybe you hate running?) I can make that happen. Look at the specific days you want and follow the button to register for that day.

Here's what your registration fee includes:

  • Lunch every day, snacks, drinks and water available all day

  • A light breakfast with coffee (and donuts, of course)

  • A supported open water swim

  • A supported bike ride (with an aid station so you can practice bottle drops!)

  • A supported run/walk (with an aid station!)

  • A fully interactive fix-a-flat-tire and basic maintenance class led by an amazing bike mechanic

  • Shuttle to all our locations to and from our home base and/or your hotel

  • Entrance to a full-service gym with a gorgeous lap pool

  • A fully supported open water swim

woman swim.jpeg

Day 1 -  Swim

We'll start the day at the pool where you'll have the opportunity for a video analysis of your form. We'll learn and/or finetune drills for sighting, stroke, breathing and being a mermaid. We'll take a soak in the hot tub and then head to lunch.

We'll also practice transition from swim to bike twice during the day, minimum.

This is the day we'll have a session on Practical Race Preparation and Mental Race Preparation. Bring your questions.

We'll have a group dinner, and you'll then have the evening for some downtime or self-care.

If you are renting a bike, there is time set aside in the late afternoon to go pick up your bike. Chauffering is available - just ask!

The Open Water Swim happens on the evening of Day 2. If you're just coming for the Swim Day, please ask about an optional Open Water Swim that can be arranged.

Day 2 - Bike (and open water swim)

The bike day starts out in a huge parking lot! We'll practice all sorts of fun bike skills like bottle drops and cornering, mounting and dismounting, gearing and braking, and different positions. This is where you'll have the chance for video analysis of your bike form.

We'll head out on a local multiuse trail (no cars!) for a long ride of your choice of distance. There will be support/SAGging for you, and I'm sure some new friends to ride with you. 

We'll spend the afternoon at a "fix a flat tire" and general bike maintenance clinic.

This is also the day where we'll head out for a fully supported Open Water Swim. (Don't worry, we've figured all the meals & snacks and timing so you'll have plenty of fuel.)

We'll end the day with a group dinner near the lake.


Day 3 - Run & Walk


Don't worry! We won't be running all day - I promise.

We'll start the morning with drills and video analysis, as usual. 

After lunch, we'll go for a group run or walk, as far as you'd like to go, within reason... no marathons, please! We'll have a transition race to practice all the skills we've been learning. In the afternoon there will be time set aside for self-care and a group trip for manicures & pedicures if you'd like. 

And, of course, a celebratory group dinner at our home base. This meal is included in your registration fee.

Kyla, I just don't know if this camp is right for me...

Let's talk about it! Schedule a half hour with me and I'll answer all your questions. 

You can also send me an email at and I'll do my very best to give you all the information you need.

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