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Originall yposted on Facebook on August 25, 2013

OK. Today is a bit scary.

It’s the last day.

And as someone at the party I was just at said, anytime you go under (for surgery), it gets a little scary.

The reality of what’s going to happen has sort of set in. That it’s really going to happen. It’s almost like this past week has been a dream because it didn’t feel real. And now it feels very real.

That’s right. I was at a party. Less than 24 hours before life altering surgery and I was surrounded by beer and soda and chips and burgers and delicious salads. And I drank a protein drink. And some Odwalla green juice. I didn’t have a single chip. Or burger. Or soda. Or frozen peanut butter ball (even though they are amazing. ohmygodPhowdoyoumakethem?) We played some games, we chatted, and around 5:15 I left.

Because my will power was running out and I was tired. When you’re not eating anything all day, you get tired early.

I’m home now, and trying to think of what to pack for the next two days. Books? Crossword puzzles? Magazines? I think I’ll skip the cross stitch and knitting projects. I imagine I’ll be sleepy/sleeping and won’t have the intelligence required for crafting. I loaded up the Kindle with some good stuff, and packed a few magazines I’ve been meaning to get to. And I threw in some crossword books I’ve been dabbling in.

I mean, I can’t just play Candy Crush Saga for 2 hours, right?



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