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Originally posted on Facebook on August 23, 2013

Surgery Countdown – 3 Days.

Today I met a client at Panera. I drank my protein shake on the way over so I wouldn’t be tempted at all to indulge. And I didn’t, just so you aren’t overly concerned. But let me tell you, nothing smells so freaking good as an asiago cheese bagel going through the toaster. I literally had to stop talking and swallow because my mouth was salivating. And even though I wasn’t hungry, MAN, did I miss the mouthfeel of the bagel, crunchy and soft with butter and tangy cream cheese. Aw geez. It’s moment like these I have to tell myself, you can do it. You can wait 6 months and then have a mouthful of bagel. You. Can. Do. This.

And then things seem ok.

But see, that’s the thing with us fat people, ladies in particular… We have a different relationship with food. And it’s a weird one.

So, in my head, it’s perfectly alright that I put on my calendar on Feb 23, 6 months from now, “eat a bite of bagel with cream cheese” where other people might find it unusual, or the sign that I’ve got some issues with food.

We all have issues with food.

It’s how each of us is handling them, and the choices that we’re making that defines how sane we are.

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