3 weeks post

((I started writing this on September 16, the three week anniversary. But I wasn’t feeling it. So I stopped. I finished it up today, because I don’t like leaving things unfinished.))

I’ve been in the kitchen.

Oh how I’ve missed cooking!

I got a great GREAT book called “Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery” (http://amzn.com/1569244537) and it’s full of delicious recipes. Of course, being only 3 weeks post, I can’t push it, but it gave me hope for delicious protein filled awesomeness in my future. Of course, what I need right now is lots of sauces and things to make the food I’m eating moist. And still delicious. I spotted a Caesar Sauce and knew it had to be made. After some shopping at Whole Foods I came home and spent time in the kitchen. A place I thought I’d never spend time in again. For whatever reason, I just figured I’d never be creative in the kitchen again.

I had such fun. I made the sauce. I crock-potted a chicken. I made homemade broth. I made Vince’s lunches for the week (chicken with rice and green beans, in the rice cooker).

I started to feel human again. I started to feel like me again.

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