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5 days

Originall yposted on Facebook on August 21, 2013

Surgery Countdown – 5 days.

Interesting things today? I had 6 figs.

They were f@cking delicious and worth it. See, my father-in-law has a fig tree, and he emailed yesterday to say he had about 2 pounds of figs, did I want them, for canning/jamming/whatever. How could I turn down 2 pounds of delicious homegrown figs? Exactly. So I cleaned them, packaged them in 2-1 pound bags and put them in the freezer.

But then there were just a few leftover.

Nothing to do but eat them.

And I did, slowly, while standing on the back porch and feeling the sun on my face.



Headache still hanging around, but the peppermint oil is really doing the trick. Also, adding a few frozen cubes of watermelon to a vanilla protein smoothie is so delicious. Beyond delicious. Heaven.

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