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6 days

Originally posted on Facebook on August 20, 2013

Surgery Countdown – 6 days.

On the list of interesting things today, I’ve got a giant headache. Apparently it’s not necessarily from the sugar and/or caffeine withdrawal. It’s from the withdrawal of everything. Because I’m on a total liquid diet for the next 6 days (and then 2 weeks).

Had my pre-op appointment today with my surgeon. He’s such a funny guy. At one point he asked, “When are we doing this thing again?” It took me a minute to check my rage at his insensitivity, until I realized he’s got 50 patients, probably. And he just follows his calendar. He doesn’t memorize everything! I’m happy he remembered my name and was nice to my mom and husband, who were along for the ride today. And it was supposed to be funny, I think.

Did I mention I can’t take anything for the raging headache? Right, everything that helps with headaches also thins your blood… which is bad for right before surgery. Nothing like playing through the pain 

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