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i gained a pound

This post is long overdue, but for good reason.

I had my 6 month post-surgery checkup last week. I was hoping there would be a funny story that came out of it (like at my 3 month check-up), but no luck. Here’s the story of my 3 month check-up.

I went in, hopped on the scale, got all my vitals checked. All the important things. Dr. Mayes came in and we chatted. I asked about going skiing (wait until next season, to be safe). We talked about exercise and making sure I was getting enough protein. Then he looked at my face and skin. Made me cough while he felt my scars (for hernias). I passed with flying colors. Then he said, “I think you’re doing well. Your color looks good, you look moist.”

I stopped and giggled. “I look moist? That sounds….. weird.” (At this point I wasn’t thinking it was weird. I was thinking it was dirty. ANd on the verge of inappropriate. Not for me, of course, but maybe for someone else. I must have turned quite red because he started to laugh a little and quickly said, “You know, your skin looks good, your eyes are bright, your brain is obviously functioning well. I can tell you’re well hydrated.” I politely suggested he find another way to tell his patients this. Something that didn’t include the word moist. He chuckled and we ended the visit.

Now, as a joke about once a week, V tells me I look moist. He means it as a compliment. A genuine compliment. Perhaps this will take the world by storm… complimenting folks by telling them they look moist.

You all look very moist today.

I gained a pound last week. I was really pissed about it, and didn’t even log it because I was convinced the scale was wrong. Then, over breakfast I thought about how I hadn’t gone to the gym in 3 weeks. And hadn’t had a run in 2 weeks. (In my defense, not as an excuse, we were traveling and then we were REALLY sick. Not getting out of bed for 3 days sick. Missing games night sick. Barely able to breathe sick.) When I thought about that, the lack of exercise, I realized the fact that I had only gained a pound was actually a relief. I also ate a LOT of crap while I was sick. When you’re sick all you want is delicious things. That’s one of the only ways you can feel better. You’re also trying to give your body energy to heal. Also, I couldn’t go to the store. That’s how sick I was. We had to eat whatever we had! And sometimes that meant crap.

This week, I’m back on the horse. I went to the gym three days, and did good workouts. I ran once, and almost died. I decided to focus on getting to the gym, and worry about adding back in the running next week.

Thanks to a good friend who is an amazing runner, I’ve got a great 12 week plan to prep for that 5K at the end of May.

It also means making good food choices, and not letting myself get derailed again. I know what I have to do, I just have to do it. And somehow ignore the Cookie Monster in my head.

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