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one month – food

I decided to write about the food in separate posts. My goal is to post a recipe a week, for those of us who desire the deliciousness in our mouths, but are tired with the fake-sugar-bullshit that is crammed down our “dieting” throats. Anything that goes in my mouth has to be high in protein, so if you’re trying to get more protein and less carbs, sugar and fat, then you’ll love these recipes. If you’re a fan of fresh organic ingredients, you’ll also love them. There will be no rice, pasta or bread. At least not for a while.

This weekend I crock-potted 2 chickens. After rubbing them with homemade Ranch seasoning.

It worked so well last week with just one chicken, and gave V food he could easily prepare for lunch or dinner, and something I could easily pull from the fridge and eat. Everyone says canned chicken is good for this, but I don’t like the thought of canned chicken. I can easily make my own version, and it’ll be so much better for me.

The crock-pot chicken recipe:

And the Ranch recipe:

So, now I’ve got two delicious chickens, all cooked, with plenty of juices left in my crockpot, and lots of bones. What could I possibly make from that?

Chicken Stock of course. It makes your whole house smell so delicious. It’s a bit unnerving. I think the cats might think we (humans) were the reason, and that’s why they’ve been bitey lately. I think they’re disappointed that we don’t taste very good.

The stock recipe:

I didn’t have any veggies, so I threw in some garlic and shallots, which I did have. I will save veggie scraps from now on, so the next time I make this, I’m ready for an even more delicious stock.

When it was done, I set aside enough to make Chicken Mushroom soup, and then froze the rest in ice cubes or 1 cup portions.

Then I made the Chicken Mushroom soup and V’s lunches.

The Chicken Mushroom Soup comes from “Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery” ( and even V said it was awesome.

For V’s lunches/dinners I made a quinoa casserole in the rice cooker.

8 ou cooked dark meat chicken (or white, or whatever you like), chopped

half a bag frozen brussels sprouts (or the whole bag)

1.25 cups dry quinoa

3 cups water

soy sauce and butter to your liking

Put everything in your rice cooker. Switch it to cook. Come back when it’s done. Portion out into 1 cup servings. Seal in Tupperware. Freeze.

Never listen to your partner complain that he doesn’t know what to eat for lunch/dinner.

I’ve been enjoying having tasty soup, and egg whites with Laughing Cow cheese, homemade hummus, miso soup with tofu, and black beans. I’m even more looking forward to cheese on cucumber slices. Maybe next week?

What recipes should I try? What recipes do you love? My goal is to make all my favorite recipes small stomach, protein friendly. Because I realize I love being in the kitchen. I love cooking. And I don’t have to give that up, I just have to be creative in how I do it. Which I also love doing.

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