q & a – part 1

Originally posted on Facebook on August 20, 2013

Why did I choose something completely irreversible, the VSG, as opposed to the Lap Band, or gastric banding? The answer is two-fold.

1. I did a lot of research about all the types and didn’t like the idea of putting a foreign body into my system. I know that sounds crazy in that I’m removing a large portion of my stomach, but it does mostly grow back, though never back to it’s crazy large size, as it is right now. Also, there’s lots of interesting hormonal things that happen when the stomach is removed. Folks with diabetes report being off their meds within days, not months. Because your body has to rewire how it perceives hunger and other hormonal stuff. 2. LapBand surgeries have a huge percentage of people with buyer’s remorse. Meaning, they work hard, they get the surgery, which is expensive, and then they don’t lose as much weight as they want/need. Then they look to have another surgery to help them lose the extra weight. Also, LapBands aren’t really reversible (they ARE, but surgeons don’t like doing it), there is a high complication rate, especially in the 5-10 years post surgery (you know, when I’m ready to be living my real life) and you have to deal a lot with needles.

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